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Don’t spend time sorting, clearing and cleaning following the passing of a loved one. As an executor, your job is to be an administrator, not a laborer. Let us manage the process for you.
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Our mission is to cushion the grief, stress and hard work that is associated with estate clearing. We help you navigate this difficult time with the utmost respect and discretion.

An average estate takes over 300 man hrs to clear and with a lot of ins and outs to navigate it can be challenging. Estate clearing is an estate expense and a vacant home is a very expensive storage unit.

We understand what it means to be an executor

  • You will not be disappointed I guarantee it!

    I was 2 weeks into clearing out my parents home when it became overwhelming, it was time to call in for some help. I have been so impressed with their care of other people’s belongings that I’ve added them to my own will instructions as the go-to estate clearing contact.

    Jacqui M
    Delta BC Canada
  • Absolutly

    They had-depth knowledge and were personable! They were friendly and always HAPPY to answer questions. Wasn’t sure what to expect. They made the whole process easy if it wasn’t for April my brother and I would still be sorting, arguing and packing. We didnt’ have to lift a finger. 

    Rocco H
    Tsawwassen BC
  • It was well worth it

    They thought of everything and sold most everything and what they could not sell donated.  They are special and appreciated. We would call them again, and recommend them 100%.  Blessings

    Crystal B
    Richmond BC Canada
  • April and her team did a great job. Efficient, competent and extremely well-organized are just a few of the accolades I could bestow upon them. Thank you so very much.

    Marry W

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April Fluevog
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