Independent/Assisted Living Transitions

assisted living

When the time comes to move into assisted living we take care of clearing the home they are moving from.
A vacant home quickly becomes a very expensive storage unit.

When the time comes to clear the suite in a senior living or assisted living home, time is of the essence as monthly billing comes quickly.

Often out of panic important things can be lost such as bequeath items, documents, jewelry, stamp and coin collections, cash, family photos, etc. We make sure that everything is taken care of for you.
Hands-on sorting
Optional Inventory of possessionss
Coordinating dispersal of bequeathed items  
Arrange sale of items 
Arrange donation of unwanted items
Arrange document shredding and removal services
Arrange cleaners, handymen and other trusted services
Staging and preparing the home for sale 

“I am very pleased to say that April and her workers did an excellent job for me, the details were looked after. It was very easy for me.” Ruth B

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