We provide 1of 2 types of appraisals.

ON-SITE APPRAISAL An on-site appraisal requires an on-site inspection.

A desktop appraisal is a professional opinion of value based on information and pictures supplied to the appraiser.

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Types of Appraisals


We compile a full detailed report of all of the personal property including all household contents, jewelry, collectibles, antiques, art, coins, and miscellaneous items.

This way all of the heirs can either buy an item from the estate, once the value of each item has been determined, or they can distribute the items amicably so that there are no arguments during the already sensitive time.


An appraisal provides an unbiased monetary value for a horse after market research and analysis. In particular, EquiAppraisal services may be used in situations such as:


Insurance policies and claims

Purchases, sales and syndications

Divorce and estate settlements

Equine injuries and deaths

Tax audits and inquiries


Bank collateral

Transaction disputes

Contract disputes

Litigation and expert consultation services

Are you donating a horse worth $5,000 or more? If so, you need a qualified appraiser! “taxpayers are required to obtain a qualified appraisal for donated property for which a deduction of more than $5,000 is claimed.”

A horse’s value is a combination of several qualities, including (but not limited to) its history and performance records, bloodlines, conformation, eye appeal, health and soundness, disposition, level of training, etc.

Typically, the most predominant factor regarding a horse’s value is how good he is at his/her “job.” For instance, if you have a trail horse, its disposition will have an incredible impact on its value. On the other hand, if you have an experienced show horse, its show records will be the primary basis of its value.



Provides a clear and concise explanation of the valuation. It will have a title page with the type of valuation and effective date, letter of transmittal giving the purpose and intended use, location and date of inspection. It will have a definition of value and limiting conditions, description of property with photos, a list of all the comparable property and their values, a narrative section detailing the scope of the project and market conditions, a signed certification, an acknowledgment that the appraiser has no fiduciary financial interest in the items in question, there is also a glossary of terms, bibliography, and the appraisers qualifications/credentials.

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